Are you afraid to change your wardrobe? No fear: BoxOK is at your service!

BOXOK_change wardrobe

The sun, the fresh air, daisies blooming: we lust for a fashionable t-shirt and we are in the mood for a nice walk in the open air… but NO!
For many of us the arrival of spring is a real terrible event, because we have to change our winter wardrobe to summer wardrobe!


A bed full of clothes, wool sweaters that seem to rise, pastel clothes trying to blossom between gray automn jackets: this is one of the most common scenes in our homes in this period. The cabinet has only two doors? Do you want to renew your wardrobe but you do not know where to put clothes and shoes of last season? Do not lose heart: BoxOK has got the solution!


Our door-to-door storage service, active in Italy and abroad, will allow you to put in our very safe boxes all the clothes you want, solving problems of space and placement of all objects of which you will not need for the period required!


Yes, because BoxOK it’s a great service of self-storage, a store that gives you the opportunity to keep in a safe and hygienic location, even the most delicate clothes! For clothing, in addition to packaging and various seals, we will send specific clay desiccant bags to store your clothes and protect them from external agents.


Take advantage of our service! It’s very simple! Estimate how many boxes you need and order them on registering on the website. Our courier will deliver the boxes of the extent required at the delivery address indicated. Fill up the boxes before closing them and complete the list of their content; take a picture of the interior where it is clearly visible the box_id, the identification code.

You have to seal the bottom and the top of the boxes with the adhesive tape supplied and affix labels filled up with your details and, finally, the seals.


When you have organized everything, you can order your withdrawal by calling us at 800.98.04.21

False alarm? The tan is still far away and the anticyclone is gone with the desire to wear our favorite jacket? Never fear, your stock is always available: in 24/48 hours we will return your package! Now you have no excuse to delay the renewal of your wardrobe… contact us and winter will be just a bad memory!


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