Self Storage Italy

Self Storage and Luggage Storage in Italy

BoxOK is the first door to door Self Storage in Italy, your personal remote warehouse.

A complete and simple service including delivery of the packages (boxes), collection directly from your home or office, secure storage at our warehouse and redelivery. When you require one or more of your boxes, call us, we will deliver them to you within 24-48 hours to your home or wherever you wish.

Here are the four simple steps that will guarantee you have more storage space for you, your family or for your business.

In a hurry? Call us @ BoxOK – we speak Italian and English –

Free-phone number:  800.98.04.21 from Italy

Land-line: +390287198520

From 9.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday (CET)

Or you can fill our form here.

1. Register

Register on-line at the web site. In your customer area you can:

  • Order new packaging (Boxes)
  • Request the collection of full Boxes
  • Check the status of your deliveries
  • Check payments and invoices
  • Update your data
  • Open a help query

Register now!



2. Ordering Boxes

Estimate how many boxes you need. If you need advice you can search here or call us on our free-phone number 800.98.04.21 and we will be more than happy to assist you. From your customer area:

  • Order your Boxes (from 1 to 100)
  • Pay the first storage rental due by Credit Card or Paypal
  • Provide the delivery address for packages

When BoxOK receives the order it will:

  • Prepare and label the individual boxes with your name and address for return delivery
  • Ship packages with the express courier GLS within the next working day
  • Send you the tracking code (tracking) to check the shipping status
  • Deliver, via GLS, your packages within 24/48 hours from shipment


3. Prepare the Boxes

Follow our advice on how best to prepare your Boxes:

  • Seal the bottom of the Boxes with our adhesive tape,forming an H, sealing all the open corners
  • Fill each individual Box well throughout the volume, alternating the heavier objects (books/magazines) with lighter objects (containers/clothes)
  • Check that the weight of a single Box does not exceed 15Kg
  • Perform a test by shaking the box. If you hear rattling when moving the Box open, use balls of newspaper to fill the empty spaces
  • Compile a list of the contents and fill in the Box_Id (identification code)
  • Take a photo of the contents in which the Box_id is visible. This will be useful for you when you want to request collection.
  • Seal the top section well, forming an H with the adhesive tape
  • Attach the security seals to the openings on the top and bottom

4. Request collection

From collection to storage, BoxOK has got it all covered!

  • Call us on our free-phone number to arrange collection. We will notify you of the time slot (Mon-Fri 14.00-18.00)
  • The courier GLS will collect the Box from your home or office
  • You will receive the tracking code to check the status of your box
  • BoxOK will receive your Boxes at the warehouse and will check their integrity
  • Your Boxes will be individually wrapped in cellophane and placed on the shelving
  • You will receive a photo of your box positioned on the shelving
  • Enjoy the freed up space in your home or in your office, we are taking care of your Boxes!

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