BoxOK 2023 tariff adjustments

The increase in the costs of raw materials and logistics in the course of 2022 require us to reshape our tariffs. For storage and shipping in particular, baggage management has become more complex and more and more couriers do not accept baggage for shipments to the EU if not packed in cartons.

The new prices for monthly storage in effect from today for new orders and from 06/01/2023 for current monthly storage are therefore:

Storage BOXOK boxes 7.95 euro
Luggage storage 15.95 euros

The new prices for redelivery at the end of storage in effect from 11/01/2022:

Standard delivery in Italy 24 / 48h

BOXOK boxes up to 15 kg 9.95 euros
Luggage up to 30 kg € 19.95

Dimensions, weights and general conditions remain unchanged.

Increase of guarantees.
The BoxOK guarantee in case of loss / destruction of the boxes is 125 euros / box and for suitcases is 250 euros / bag