Self Storage door to door in Italy and Europe

We store in Italy, we deliver Worldwide.

Packaging Included

Delivery to your home or office:

  • BoxOK professional cardboard boxes
  • Adhesive tape and security seals
  • Instructions for packaging

Collection from home

We collect your packages:

  • Collection times Mon-Fri 14.00-18.00
  • Collection of packages from your address with the courier GLS 
  • Tracking code to track delivery


We store the Boxes

We take care of your boxes:

  • We keep them in a secure and protected warehouse
  • We send you photos of your Boxes in storage
  • Only 9.95 per month per Box
9,95 €/month

Express Delivery

We deliver your boxes within 24/48 hours in Italy and the EU:

  • Single box delivery
  • Shipments via GLS express courier
  • 11,95 € per  per Box delivery in  Italy

11,95 €

BoxOK rates

We try to keep it simple, and that includes the price. You pay for the space you need and only that.

The packaging and Boxes are delivered directly to your door or office at no extra charge. They are large (547x372x365 mm) and strong. They are designed to protect your possessions during transportation and storage.

Once you have finished packing, we collect them from your home and bring them to our warehouses.

A basic and all-inclusive price. For the all-inclusive price of 9.95 Euro per month (including VAT) you get collection and transportation of the packaging from your home to a BoxOK warehouse. When you require one or more of your Boxes again, you can receive them within 24/48 hours, paying just 11.95 per Box.