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Boxok is the solution to space problems:

It’s that extra room, cellar, storeroom, attic or even just that wardrobe that you are missing, with a few extra advantages.

Modular storage space, where you only pay for the volume used, box after box without waste, from the comfort of your own home.

We store your packages with care in our warehouses, until you request that we return them to you.

Your convenient storage space because:

  • we supply all the Boxes you need to your home
  • we take care of the storage boxes until you require them again
  • we collect and deliver everything by express courier to your home





Some examples?

1. Removals – we can make your removals easier. Prepare in advance all the boxes with items you don’t need on a daily basis. Send them to us and only after you have settled in, will we deliver them back to you. If however there is a large quantity, we can deliver them to the new home a few at a time which means you won’t be getting stressed during and after the move. If the mere thought of moving stresses you out, Boxok can help you climb that mountain, one box at a time.

2. Change of Seasons – Is your cellar/attic full to the brim or too small for your needs? Don’t despair, having BoxOK is like having modular storage at your disposal. If duvets are your nightmare, Boxok is the solution.

3. Families with children – there is never enough space with children. BoxOK will help you, in fact we will also store your children’s indispensable roller skates or their shell collections.

4. Students– are you moving house, participating in the Erasmus programme and don’t know where to leave all your things until your return? With Boxok you can store all your things until your return and when you realise that those bulky books would be useful abroad, contact us and we will send your boxes to you (or even just the one containing the bulky books) wherever you are. If you are leaving for Erasmus, BoxOk is simple, convenient and inexpensive.

 5. Cohabiting or sharing an apartment with other students/workers – Cohabiting or sharing an apartment with other students/workers and your living space is now filled with your possessions. No problem, just call us and we will have the solution. It will be like having an extra wardrobe!

6. Fashion addicts – passions cost but they also take up space! With BoxOK you can manage your wardrobe more effectively and if you need those red shoes that you put in one of the boxes for someone’s wedding, well just call us and we will deliver them to your home within 24-48 hours.