Professionals – Small Companies

 BoxOK is the flexible solution that allows you to free up your office and have additional storage space for your business. Whether your need a few boxes to free up a cabinet or to manage third party clients’ archives at your office, Boxok is the modular solution for your company. We can safely store up to 1,000 of your boxes without a problem at our warehouses.



Whether it’s a small home office or a large company office, BoxOK is the right partner to handle your storage requirements. Are your archives getting larger and your office becoming increasingly smaller? Free up your office, call us with your storage requirements, we will recommend the best solution.


Boxok believes in shared offices and aims to offer an additional service for all professionals, creatively increasing the use of shared office storage spaces

The best solution to share work spaces without worrying about archives, with an eye on savings and convenience. Your desk in a shared office, your archive in BoxOK!

Small companies

The requirements of small companies are often the most varied. We are here to maximise them. In short, we at BoxOK are able to manage everything that can be put into a box, you decide!

Commercial operators

Commercial operators can use BoxOK easily and economically, in place of or in parallel with traditional storage systems. We manage the boxes, you manage your business!