Amanda Sara 45 years, Cagliari

The service offered is really very good, exactly what is promised on the site, no surprise. I used BoxOK for more than a year; the packaging material is of good quality and abundant, the instructions are simple and clear, make the order, you get the boxes at home, fill them and call for collection. The couriers have always arrived on time. Customer service is always present both in chat, by email or by phone. When the boxes arrive at the depot you receive an email with photos of each box arrived. When you need it again ask to send the boxes you need, the procedure is very straightforward and immediate, the delivery times are quick and precise as indicated on the site. Compared to all other storage services this is the one that I found economically more ‘convenient, the rates are very honest and clearly specified on the site, no quotes, no preliminary contacts etc .. If you do not need to access physically and frequently to your personal storage this is the best service among those I’ve tried.